Discovering Calabria
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Discovering Calabria

Discovering Calabria

Beyond the crowds on the Adriatic Sea, cialis usa capsule the clamor of Rome and the charming but tourist-beleaguered Tuscany lies an Italy yet undiscovered. South of Naples, look in the “toe” area of Italy’s boot, bounded by the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Sea sits Calabria, a region of breathtaking coastlines hugging emerald waters and ancient villages that mirror their Greek past.


Calabria, has long taken a backseat to her more outspoken sister, Sicily, but no longer. The warm climate; the beautiful colors of the sea; the rocky coasts alternating with sandy beaches; the wild and mysterious nature; the strong and genuine flavors of local food and the vestiges of its ancient origins make Calabria turn into an attractive destination for those who travel to Italy.


Calabria has awesome tourist potential. Currently the area is not overwhelmed by tourists. The picturesque scenery of Calabria will one day beckon hordes of people because no where else can one view such a beautiful panorama of nature. Tall, snow tipped mountains give way to thick luscious forests, white sand beaches, sapphire coast lines and crystal oceans. At the same this setting is just a backdrop to wonderful rustic villas and impressive Greek ruins. Those interested in Greek history will find Calabria a great vacation spot. Because of Calabria’s Greek heritage the region is full of Greek ruins. In between gorgeous rustic mountain tops and lush olive stands small villas conceal a rich history of Mediterranean influence. Ruins can even be found underwater near the shore line. Hobby divers often visit Calabria to see the many under ruins left underwater by ships damaged off the coast.


In Calabria any wish can be fulfilled. Those who love nature, its scents and nuances, can explore the Calabrian hinterland, discovering pure and unpolluted sceneries, where huge green belts alternate with blue lakes and falls. On the other hand, those who prefer basking in the warm rays of the sun and dive into a crystal-clear sea can choose from the many charming towns along the long Tyrrhenian and Ionian coasts. Definitely, Calabria is a great destination for those who are seeking a vacation in Italy.









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