Rome – The Eternal City
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Rome – The Eternal City

Rome – The Eternal City

“Rome Wasn’t Built in a day”, viagra buy view “All Roads Lead to Rome”, buy cialis viagra sale and “When in Rome, do as the Romans” are just some of the many sayings devoted to the Eternal City.  And why Eternal City?  It was a blessing by Jupiter himself granting Romans imperium sine fine, “an empire without end” as per Virgil’s Aeneid.


Home and center to an empire spanning millennia, Rome can certainly be many things to many people.  Honeymooners visit Rome for its pure, well, romantic settings.  Worshipers make their pilgrimage to the Vatican – Seat of the Roman Catholic Church.  Vacationers choose Rome for its endlessly appealing sights, its museums, galleries, monuments, flavors, and sheer aura.  There are multiple tours in Rome that your Italy travel package should include and that I can recommend wholeheartedly.  How do you want your Rome to be?


I often hear it referred to as a trip of a lifetime.  I am especially partial to this view as Rome deserves to be on your list of top places to visit. Come to think of it, why shouldn’t we have too much of a good thing, why not visit Rome often?


Photo by Bert Kaufmann

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