Dave and Renee's Italian Classics Vacation
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Dave and Renee’s Italian Classics Vacation

Dave and Renee’s Italian Classics Vacation

Dave and Renee spent 9 amazing days exploring the sites of Rome, best cialis unhealthy Florence and Venice. Thanks for sharing your experience and photos with us! I can’t wait to try out the sandwich shop you found the next time I’m in Florence. 🙂


Hi Marina,


Yes, we’re settled back into daily life…we had a blast! Really appreciate all of the organization and recommendations in each of the cities. In terms of the hotels we would rank Rose Garden #1 of the 3…the other rooms were much smaller and not as comfortable. All of the arranged transports/shuttles were awesome! Everyone was friendly, punctual, and easy to find. That took so much unnecessary stress out of the trip.


There is one local sandwich place you need to add to your recommended list in Florence and was right around the corner from Bernini Palace..I’ll get the name for you, it was amazing!


Here are a few pics for you, will definitely recommend you to other friends, and Greece looks like it would be a great trip as well!





Dave and Renee in Florence

Renee and the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Dave having a great time at The Leaning Tower in Pisa

Dave and Renee at The Coliseum in Rome

Dave and Renee in Italy

Ancient Ruins in Rome Italy

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  1. Virgilio

    Impressive!! We recently had a LDS (Convert) Missionary who seervd in TX from this area. Before he was on the fast track at the Vatican. I guess this explains why I could never figure out that country the Vatican was in:) Drrr, its OWN country:)

  2. Sanaa

    J’aime l’italie,j’aime le chalet,j’aime la neige, j’aime le “ti amo”, j’aime la brteonzte, j’aime le petit dej et j’aime les looks ;)tout est parfait! les weekends en amoureux sont les meilleurs !moi aussi je veux partirbises

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