Kristie and Jason's Amazing Trip to Italy
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Kristie and Jason’s Amazing Trip to Italy

Kristie and Jason’s Amazing Trip to Italy

Even within the most amazing trip, tadalafil and there is always one aspect that stands out as the biggest WOW. For Kristie and Jason it was their exceptional stay at the Maison La Minervetta in Sorrento. This unique 4-star hotel situated right on the cliff was a perfect fit for them. It was a pleasure to give them such a spectacular ending to their tour of Italy!


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The trip was exceptional and wouldn’t have been the same without your wonderful and carefully planned accommodations. Everything went completely smooth without any trouble. Additionally, hospital the hotels, tours, and transportation were excellent. We especially loved the final hotel in Sorrento. I believe it was the Minervetta Maison. It was truly unique with the coastal inspired decor and pool in the cliff. The concierge at each hotel was also helpful with restaurant recommendations and directions to the sights. The trip was a trip of a lifetime for us – although I do hope to use your services to experience Greece, Egypt or even Turkey in the future. Thank you so much for everything!




Jumping for Joy in Venice

Kristie and Jason on a Wine Tasting Tour

Spanish Steps in Rome


Enjoying a Beer in Rome



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