Discover the Romantic City of Verona
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Discover the Romantic City of Verona

Discover the Romantic City of Verona

Verona, viagra buy buy cialis what a romantic destination! This city is visited every year by millions of tourists and is renowned for its urban architecture, click wine production and the Opera Festival, hosted by the Arena di Verona. The fame of the city is also due to Shakespeare, who set here, three of his plays: Romeo and Juliet, The Two Gentlemen of Verona and The Taming of the Shrew. Named by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Verona offers many events, activities and amazing sights that make you to follow a brief itinerary which includes the most peculiar places and things to do in a weekend.

Discover the exclusiveness in the heart of Verona

The Arena is a Roman amphitheater in Piazza Bra, it was completed around 30 AD and today it is one of the best preserved Roman buildings in Italy. If you like opera performances, book in advance the tickets of the Festival that is scheduled from 1st June to 7th September.


Nearby the Arena there is Piazza delle Erbe, a square which represents the most important eras in the history of Verona: the Torre dei Lamberti dates back to 1172 and is the highest tower in Verona, the Palazzo Maffei, decorated by statues of Greek Gods, has a Baroque style and was built during the XVII century.


The fountain of Piazza delle Erbe is the most ancient monument of the square, and is surmounted by the statue of Madonna Verona, dating to 380 AD. From here you can easily reach the heart of the historical center, Porta Borsari, a city gate which dates back to the 1st century AD, close to the fashion boutiques of the best brands and the typical restaurants. If you want to feel the authentic mood of Verona, you can stay in an elegant residence provided with all the facilities and situated within a short walking distance from all the mentioned sites: Opera Relais, born from the passion of owners for visual arts and theater.


This isn’t just an hotel, is instead a luxury accommodation for those who like fashion and innovative design: each suite is large as an apartment and reminds to a famous opera (Rigoletto, Traviata, etc.), in addition all the suites have a kitchen and a living room; the aim of the owners is to give a very special experience to the tourists, combining relaxation, high-end services and elegance.


A love story in Verona could start just at your arrival, but the best way to carry on is a tasting of its renowned products.


Wine bars and DOC local products

Veneto is one of the most prestigious Italian regions for wine production, so when you are in Verona you should go to a wine bar or visit a wine cellar to know more about the best wine labels and discover the most genuine side of the local enogastronomy.


One of the most popular wine bars is Enoteca Segreta at Vicolo Samaritana, 10, which offers a DOC wine list (Valpolicella, Amarone and Soave classico are the top wines) and menus of typical Veronese food (like tortelli, beans soup, cold cuts and bigoli), a nice venue for a dinner or an aperitif.


Verona also hosts the Vinitaly fair, an event which attracts yearly many people from all over the world; it is really interesting if you want to meet wine producers, join workshops about Italian excellences and taste the most precious wines of the year.


Exclusive concerts in Verona

The Arena frequently hosts concerts and special shows; one of the next coolest events is the gig of Paul McCartney on 25th June, the unique chance to see the ex-Beatles in Italy this summer. The Out There World Tour is a prestigious event for all the music lovers and the Arena is a breathtaking set to see this amazing artist. The advice is to book the ticket early and to choose a charming relais in the center of Verona, so you’ll have enough time to do sightseeing, go shopping and walk around the most elegant streets of Italy, an experience you won’t forget.



Photograph by © Christian Abend


Photograph by © Fabio Verona


Photograph by © Dan Kamminga




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