Exclusive Tips for Luxury Experiences in Italy
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Exclusive Tips for Luxury Experiences in Italy

Exclusive Tips for Luxury Experiences in Italy

If your wish is to spend a holiday in the sign of exclusiveness, best viagra view elegance and total comfort, Italy could be the ideal destination. In fact this country is full of luxury accommodations: ancient villas, castles totally restored, historical dwellings and resorts are provided with all the modern facilities. Now these venues are collected together in a website dedicated to first class relais, Italy Luxury Guide, a precious partner for online booking. Each hotel has its own profile including contacts, top services and special offers.


The following three stages route is a suggestion for a trip throughout Italy, an inspiration for a stay at a luxury hotel close to the main sights of Belpaese.

Florence: Capture the Masterpieces of the Renaissance Capital


Many people like to take pictures: when you’ll arrive in Florence you’ll be amazed by the astounding masterpieces of the Renaissance Capital, so you may need to book a course of digital photography!


Some hotels offer these kinds of services, allowing you to learn the techniques of photo reportage with the help of a famous photographer.


Furthermore, in Florence there is the Alinari Foundation, the most prestigious photo archive in Italy, which organizes guided tours for tourists interested in history of photography, a great source of inspiration for your next trip.

Wellness & Relaxation in Apulia

Apulia has become one of the favorite destinations during the last years, thanks to its mild and sunny climate, its beautiful seaside and its charming hotels surrounded by the unpolluted nature.
In Apulia is widespread a peculiar kind of farmhouse called “masseria”, now converted into refined agritourism or elegant relais; these venues are often provided with a swimming pool, a wellness center, private beach resorts and large rooms, suitable for a relaxing holiday.


Usually the Spas offer thalassotherapy treatments, based on sea salt grains and seaweed, stone massages and others wellness packages which give immediate relief.
We recommend you to visit Apulia during spring or autumn, because there are few tourists comparing with summer, and more opportunities to explore the inland.


The Amazing Panorama of Dolomites in South Tyrol


The last stage is on the top of the mountains, in Trentino-Alto Adige, where you can join wonderful experiences like ski, trekking, golf matches and enogastronomical itineraries.
Here, at the borders of Italy, you can find boutique hotels that have big suites available, well-equipped with Jacuzzi, Tv LCD, Wi-Fi access, contemporary design and elements of the traditional Ladin culture.


You can explore the unique natural landscape with the help of expert guides and a wide range of choices: hiking, bicycle tours, rock-climbing courses, and skiing lessons. Every activity will give you a unique perspective on Dolomites and strong emotions at the highest level.


Now, it is easy to find a luxury experience in Italy, commit yourselves to a web collection which gathers the most original accommodations, giving you the chance to enjoy leisure activities and visit amazing locations.



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