Capri Island: Your Perfect Italy Honeymoon Destination
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Capri Island: Your Perfect Italy Honeymoon Destination

Capri Island: Your Perfect Italy Honeymoon Destination

Intimate, viagra luxurious, troche breathtaking views and unforgettable memories, this is what a Capri honeymoon is made of and what is sought after when choosing among Italy honeymoon destinations. An island surrounded by the Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean Sea sit rests off the Bay of Naples. A resort since the time of the Roman Republic, its beauty and relaxation qualities have transcended time. Close to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, it is accessible only by water yet is a great way to spend your entire honeymoon or even extend your Amalfi Coast honeymoon with a short trip offshore.

Exploring Capri first by water is a fantastic way to understand the intricate beauties of the island. When taking Capri boat tours, you will find romance while sailing over its turquoise waters and experiencing the most beautiful parts of Capri. Many of the most intriguing parts of the island’s coastline are completely inaccessible by land. These secluded bays, which can be reached by boat tour, provide an opportunity for a secluded and unique experience. If on a longer tour, request to make land and enjoy lounging on the beach or taking a swim from a rarely accessed location.

When beginning your time on land, the town of Capri and its Piazza Umberto I is an ideal first stop during your honeymoon in Capri. Known as the Piazzetta, it is a small square at the heart of Capri’s social life and is referred to locally as the “salotto del mundo” (the world’s sitting room). Walking about you will see locals and travelers shopping in designer boutiques or vying for seats at local bars and restaurants for a little people-watching. It is a place that exudes the glamour this island is known for while exploring local fares for lunch or an aperitif after a day at the beach.

After visiting the Piazzetta head fifteen minutes south to the Bay of Marina Piccola. The most glamorous marina on the island, its cobbled beaches are best reached by foot on either the Via Mulo or the Via Krupp. Go early in the day to ensure full sunlight and try one of its beach clubs like Torre Saracena or La Canzone del Mare. For a little offshore adventure, hop over to Scoglio delle Sirene’s small landing wharf and explore the Faraglioni Rocks by boat (though you can also swim over for a little adventure).

A stunning site to behold while on the island is that of the Faraglioni. These are three immense rock formations that have been created by the erosive action of the wind and sea. The “Faraglione Stella”‘ is still attached to the coast. The “Faraglione di Mezzo” rises up out of the water some 490 feet or so out to sea. The“Faraglione di Fuori” or “Scopolo”is the furthest away from the shore line. Due to its sunny nature and panoramic views, the Ancient Romans especially loved this part of the island and built residences in the area. Today, it is a favorite retreat for artists and writers with many surrounding luxury hotels and private villas.

As one of the Capri luxury hotels in this area, the Casa Morgano offers honeymooners a retreat from their busy days on the island. Romantic and stunning, this villa-styled hotel rests in the Via Tragara near the Faraglioni rocks. A honeymoon indulgence, this hotel is set in peaceful Mediterranean gardens and surrounded by magnificent views of the sea. Its sweeping terraces are a honeymooners dream as you look out over the sea and enjoy your special time together. Just a few minutes from the Piazzetta, it provides easy access to dining, trips to the beach and beautiful scenery making it one of the best hotels of Capri.

Still, a honeymoon in Capri is not complete without a private tour of the Grotto Azzurra in Anacapri. On this tour, you will discover that during Roman times Emperor Tiberius chose it as his own personal nymphaeum, a Roman monumental fountain. There are statues of pagan gods found on the bottom of the cave also dating back to Roman times, though the blue grotto was lost over time until rediscovered in 1826 by August Kopisch. Ever since, this 196 foot long by 82 foot wide cavity, has been a main attraction on the island of Capri. As it can only be reached from a small rowing boat, the charm of this cavern is unmistakable. So glide along its stunning clear blue waters diffused by sunlight and bask in the romance that only this enchanting place can offer. Once you experience its unique landscape, brilliant colors and history of the blue grotto, you will understand why it is amongst the top tours of Capri.

After the Grotto Azzurra tour and while still in the area of Anacapri, take a chair lift or hike to the most beautiful panoramic sight from the island, Monte Solaro. Soaring at over 1900 feet above sea level, it is the highest point of Capri. From here, you can see the entire island, the surrounding Bay of Naples, the Amalfi Coast and as far away as the mountains of Calabria. This area is also known as “Acchiappanuvole” or “cloud catcher” by locals because of the thick blanket of fog which forms about the summit around dawn. A dreamy site, it is a perfect picture opportunity to commemorate why you choose this destination from among other honeymoons in Italy.  

The island of Capri, with its intimate characteristics makes an ideal honeymoon destination. From sailing around its landscape, hiking high above on its hills or ducking into caverns with enchanting blue waters, Capri offers honeymooners an unforgettable experience. It is a glamorous island with hidden and non-hidden treasures to be enjoyed.

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Blue Grotto, Capri


Blue Grotto, Capri


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