Where to Go Out in Rome... The Top 3 Districts for Drinking & Clubbing
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Where to Go Out in Rome… The Top 3 Districts for Drinking & Clubbing

Where to Go Out in Rome… The Top 3 Districts for Drinking & Clubbing

Which are the coolest districts of Rome and the best clubs where to spend an evening?


The answer is that Rome has many faces, viagra sales pilule so it can fulfill the curiosity of tourists and inhabitants who have very different tastes; this is the resource of the Italian capital, medical is a city that is open 24 hours and probably you will be amazed by Rome. Let’s look at the most popular districts for a drink, medical dancing in a club and stay up all night, selected from the expert staff of Go2Rome.


Trastevere and Navona Square


The historic center of Rome is best known for its shops, its monuments rather than as a place where to go at night. However, you cannot miss an evening stroll in Trastevere, originally the city’s bohemian district, very popular today for restaurants, pubs, bars, recommended for an appetizer (for example Freni e Frizioni, at Via del Politeama 4/6, very popular for its tasty buffet and cocktails) or for a walk in Santa Maria in Trastevere, a square where you will meet many street performers.


Moving towards Piazza Navona, usually crowded with tourists, there is the Shari Vari Playhouse, a club with a ’50s style design, ideal for those who love to dance and wish to stay close from the center (the address is Via di Torre Argentina, 78), the music genre played at the club varies according to the days of the week, on Wednesday I suggest hip hop VIP, dedicated each time to a different metropolis.



Photograph by © Jorge Royan

Ostiense and EUR


The Ostiense neighborhood is very lively at night and offers all kinds of clubs scattered throughout the southern area of the city. It is an industrial area recently renovated, where now are opening the most original clubs and are taking place the coolest events. About clubs I suggest Goa Club, a prestigious venue that hosted the biggest international DJs (techno, house, etc.) and is located at via Libetta 13, a street full of small clubs and drink bars.


Another milestone for clubbers and fans of electronic music is Spazio Novecento at EUR a district a bit distant but well known for the architectural style of its rationalists buildings. Inside one of these, Palazzo dell’Arte Antica, at Piazza Guglielmo Marconi 26 / b, is located Spazio Novecento that houses, electronic music festivals like Spring Attitude, scheduled on 23rd and 24th May.




The ultimate hipster district is not far from Termini, and you’ll recognized it immediately by the narrow streets full of pubs, wine bars, cocktail bars, has long been one of the centers of nightlife. Come here if you want to begin the evening with a glass of wine, enjoy a concert or a DJ set at Circolo degli Artisti (a venue famous for its garden), walk along the streets which feature graffiti, livened up by emerging artists, have the last drop at one of the kiosks open late at night. Pigneto is the favorite destination by college students, but here you can also meet actors, directors, television celebrities and musicians.



Photograph by © Hanc1

If you go on holiday in Rome you will definitely find the area closer to your tastes, the Eternal City never disappoints!


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