Gallura, the Pearl of Northern Sardinia
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Gallura, the Pearl of Northern Sardinia

Gallura, the Pearl of Northern Sardinia

Sardinia is often mentioned among the top destinations in summer, viagra salve due to its clean beaches, best cialis its striking landscape and its wonderful climate. However, there are many further reasons to visit this island: this is my brief guide about Gallura, one of the most interesting areas in Sardinia.

Sailing through the Mediterranean sea


I like to enjoy new experiences when I’m on vacation, so I decided to book a boat trip starting from the port at Cannigione.


The Poseidon boat, 12 metres length, is a deep-sea fishing boat and allows exploring the surrounding islands (such as Spargi, Santa Maria and Caprera) in complete safety. The captain and the crew were Sardinian and helped me providing some tips to live an authentic travel experience there. I recommend doing Scuba diving during the boat excursion, is the best way to admire the underwater sea plants far from the coast.


A one-day trip is a great chance to appreciate the strong tie between unpolluted nature and Sardinia, for me it was a nice introduction to the beauties of this island.

Luxury Golf Club overlooking the Maddalena archipelago

Golf course

I’ve always dreamed to play golf in a place surrounded by a breathtaking setting; my last holiday in Sardinia gave me the opportunity to learn the basics of this sport following a beginner course.


There are a lot of golf clubs in Sardinia, I went to Pevero Golf Club because is one of the most prestigious in Italy, designed in the Seventies by Robert Trent Jones, the architect who nestled this jewel into the preexisting terrain.


The 18 holes course of Pevero is one of the most difficult fields also for the most experienced golfers, furthermore I was really impressed by the Mediterranean bush (perfumed with juniper, myrtle and wild strawberry), the natural lakes and the wind eroded granitic rocks that surround the Golf Club; it’s very easy to be distracted by landscape!


Corsica seen from the top of a mountain


One of the most beautiful mountains in Gallura is Monte Pulchiana (close to Tempio Pausania), a large granite monolith with a peculiar round form, similar to the traditional Italian cake “panettone”. I visited Monte Pulchiana on a very clear day at sunset and I was amazed by the view: from the top you can see Corsica island, a unique natural show!


The very strange characteristic of the mountain is the pinkish-yellow color of the rocky surface: due to its uniqueness, Sardinian people launched a petition to ask the Unesco safeguard. Sardinia Tourism official website:


Sardinian cuisine, tasty and nourishing


The gastronomic side of Sardinia is very desirable because local cuisine includes tasty and nourishing dishes, a wide range of dairy products and a kind of bread completely different from the rest of Italy, pane carasau, thin, crisp and in the form of a dish.


The recipe of carasau was conceived for shepherds, who used to stay far from home for a long time.

Roasted Lamb

The gustative journey in Sardinia should comprise malloreddus (a sort of dumplings), usually served with tomato or meat sauces, and roasted lamb shoulder served with potatoes, two delicious dishes that each local restaurant in Gallura offers.


I discovered all these Sardinian treasures with the help of Le Dune Resort staff, a charming seaside hotel based in Gallura.

I’m sure to come back to explore the others unique attractions of this peerless island.


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