When in Rome… What to see and do in the Eternal City
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When in Rome… What to see and do in the Eternal City

When in Rome… What to see and do in the Eternal City

Rome Private Guides (www.romeprivateguides.com) are a team of top guides and travel experts specializing in Rome, generic viagra ask the Vatican and throughout Italy. Below you will find their top tips for places to visit in Rome.


Rome is a city with a number of renowned landmarks, as well as some truly amazing sites that are less well known. Whatever your age, interests or whether you are a first time visitor or a ‘Rome veteran,’ this city has an abundance to offer to all who spend time there.


Of course all visitors to Rome want to see the Colosseum and Vatican. But what’s the best way to visit these must-see sites? The answer is… it depends on your needs and wishes! With long lines to enter both the Colosseum and Vatican, sale skip-the-line tickets are essential- something RomePrivateGuides offers with all their tours. A local expert guide is strongly recommended for both of these sites. With so much art and history a guide will help you to make sense of these famous hotspots and really bring them to life. Whatever you are looking for, RomePrivateGuides can find the right solution for you! Perhaps you have limited time in Rome and want to combine an express visit of the Colosseum and Vatican. Maybe you would like a private tour, a child-friendly tour, a semi-private tour or a small group tour. RomePrivateGuides even offers a number of VIP experiences at both sites including out-of-hours entrance and admittance to restricted areas. Even those who have visited the Colosseum and Vatican before can see the ancient sites in new ways with RomePrivateGuides’ exciting range of tours.


ColiseumColosseum TourVatican


The third most visited site in Rome, after the Colosseum and Vatican, is actually the incredible Pantheon. Built almost 2000 Euros ago, its dome is still the world’s largest unreinforced, concrete dome! The Pantheon is also world-renowned for the peculiar hole in its ceiling. Find out with your guide what happens when it rains…




For those with an interest in Baroque art and culture there is so much to see in Rome. You can head to the spectacular Trevi Fountain, Navona Square with its Bernini fountains (also featured in the Angels & Demons movie!) and the Spanish Steps. A little less well-known baroque site in Rome is St. Ignatius Church. Here you will discover the Trompe – l’oeil Dome, a marvelous example of realistic imagery creating a fascinating optical illusion not to be missed! Learn all of the art-history and fascinating stories behind these amazing spots with a private guide!


Piazza Navona Trevi Fountain


Every corner you turn in Rome there is something fascinating to visit. Rome Private Guides can recommend many off the beaten tracks places to visit, for those who have been to Rome before or for those who would just like to experience something a bit different! There’s the keyhole on Aventine Hill (offering a surprising view over Rome,) the Mouth of Truth (immortalized in Audrey Hepburn’s movie “Roman Holiday”) and the fascinatingly macabre catacombs and crypt of Capuchin bones. One of Rome’s greatest hidden treasures is St. Clemente’s Basilica. Built on three levels, in three different time periods, this Basilica really is a microcosm of the many layers of history found throughout Rome. The first level is a twelfth century basilica, still in use today. Here you will be able to feast your eyes on spectacular mosaics and frescoes. Below you will find a 4th Century Basilica, where more stunning frescoes are still preserved today. But St. Clemente’s greatest surprise is found in its lowest level. Roughly 60 feet underground you will visit the home of a Roman nobleman from the first century! Why not combine this with a visit to the Colosseum & Roman Forum for a complete Ancient Rome experience!


Aventine Hill Mouth of Truth


Of course, this is just a taster of the many things to see and do in Rome. From cooking courses to gladiator school and to mosaic lessons, RomePrivateGuides can arrange for you all sorts of fun activities during your time in Rome! Contact us today to see how we can maximize your visit! Take a look at their web site www.romeprivateguides.com or send them an email info@romeprivateguides.com.


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