What to Do in Naples
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What to Do in Naples

What to Do in Naples

Located in southern Italy, cialis generic Naples is a cheerful and fascinating city that has some fabulous archaeological sites. Each year, cialis sale it attracts travellers from around the world that are looking for a change of scene, nature and adventure. You can see below the best attractions to see and the things to do in Naples.


Discover the Superb Scenery and Varied Places in Naples

The city possesses interesting and varied spots. To discover the richness of these sites, nothing is better than a walking tour. First, you can stroll through Pompeii, one of the most popular tourist sights in Italy. Pompeii is very famous and is home to the National Archaeological Museum, where you can learn a great deal about the city’s fascinating history. In fact, the grand museum hosts the art treasures of the kings of Naples, as well as the collections taken from the palaces of Portici, including, items from Herculaneum.
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Next, head to the Monastery of San Martino, a National Museum which contains some artistic gems in a cloistered monastery. In addition, you can attend historical exhibitions and see the landscaped gardens, beautiful cloisters, frescoes and mosaics of the monastery. Moreover, there is a stunning view of the city from the road in front of the Certosa. In the beautiful district of Santa Lucia, you can shop, find plenty of cafés and visit some of the top professionals and artisans in Naples.




A Rich Diversity of its Fauna and Flora to Uncover

Naples boasts an unexpectedly wide range of fauna and flora. You can go first to Capri, an island in Italy’s Gulf of Naples which contains more than 800 plant species, such as wild orange and dwarf palm trees. Several types of bush can also be identified there, for instance the mastic tree, the myrtle, heather, oak, arbutus, cypresses and many more. The fauna that you can find in Capri are often peculiar and extremely interesting thanks to their high level of endemicity. You might find species of endemic birds too, including the Coturnix Coturnix, the Falco Peregrinus, the Turdus Merula and the Scolopax Rusticola. There are many fish species too, like the Conger Conger, the Mugil Cephalus, the Diplodus Annularis and the Conger Eel.


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Don’t miss out on the Vesuvius National Park, situated in the province of Naples. You can discover more of its fauna, such as the Oaken mouse, a very rare species of mammal, wild rabbits, foxes, hares, and Beech Martens. You can see several types of reptiles, like whip snakes, nocturnal, diurnal butterflies and green toads, and there are more than 100 different types of birds, including, the Wryn Eck, the Black Redstart,Nightjar, the Siskin, the Golden Oriole, and the Woodcock.


Make sure to Visit the Spellbinding Beaches in Naples and its Coastline

Naples is one of the most utterly mesmerizing places in Italy. Due to its cultural and historical wealth, it has become a favorite destination for travelers. However, another main popular attraction for visitors is the beach. The following list of sun-drenched beaches are not to be missed in Naples and the nearby regions of the city. The Gulf of Naples is the first one that is worth a visit and then you can head to the Amalfi Coast where you can find long stretches of sandy beaches, such as Fornillo and the Spiaggia Grande in Positano, which are very easy to reach if you rent a car. You can also find the Marina Grande beach in the port of Sorrento on the island of Capri and the attractive Naples beach of Marina Piccola, a picturesque and tranquil place for relaxing.

Amalfi Coast

As you can see, the city of Naples is a veritable paradise for those who want to explore new sites.



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